L&O: Lawyer Sandy Duncan sells out her client

Law & Order S6 E6 Paranoia

I’ve got my eye on you, McCoy.

I’ve got my eye on you, McCoy.

A co-ed is found dead in her dorm. The computer geek with the rape-and-murder fantasies and a pair of the victim's panties seems like a good suspect, but Briscoe and Curtis home in on her paranoid roommate. Instead of homicide, McCoy and Kincaid charge her with fraud for lying on her college application. Thank goodness her lawyer Sandy Duncan is willing the throw the case. (So long Sixth Amendment!)

We're talking about original recipe season 6 episode 6 "Paranoia" with Lawrence Tucker of the Awesome 80s podcast. This episode was inspired by the ripped from the headlines story of Gina Grant. 

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