...These Are Their Stories

So how did this podcast come about?  During a special episode of the "Crime Writers On" podcast, Kevin and Rebecca focused on the "Law & Order" franchise. The listener reaction was pretty swift. It seems lots of podcast consumers also spend hours and hours of watching one or more of Dick Wolf's New York cops-and-lawyers series.

"...These Are Their Stories" is set up to be part interview show, part episode analysis, part true crime recap. Kevin is the host because...well...he doesn't know as much about the shows as Rebecca does (so she's a better panelist). The panel should always feature a cool or funny guest who shares the same reverence/irreverence for one or more L&O franchises. It should have some regular features and some silly bits. And it should all highlight the real ripped-from-the-headlines story inspires the case.

Since the podcast began 25 years after the first "Law & Order" episode aired, the goal is not to be a week-by-week recap of the series (plural). Instead, we'll jump around from franchise to franchise, season to season, to pick episodes that are interesting and worth talking about.

Wanna be our Law & Order Marathon winner and get this cool oval car magnet? Just sign up for our news letter.

Wanna be our Law & Order Marathon winner and get this cool oval car magnet? Just sign up for our news letter.

Do you have to watch each particular episode to enjoy the podcast? Nope. Chances are, in your day, you've probably seen it on a rerun once or twice. Even if you didn't, it's okay, because you'll hear the summary and can follow along with the discussion.

"But what if I really really really want to watch the episode first?" you may ask. We admit, that can sometimes be tricky. Much (but not all) of the franchise is available on demand; however, there are certain seasons that are only available on cable TV (like, for example, all the Briscoe years). These networks include TNT, USA, Ion, WE, Sundance, and others. Production-wise, our main goal is to watch the same ep as our guests then do the necessary research, so we may have to watch a re-run not knowing when or where it may resurface.  We'll pick episodes that available on demand when we can, but you may have to - as they say - check your local listings.