SVU: John Stamos has 20 kids and gets blown up with a knife (w/Gillian Pensavalle)

SVU S12 E22 "Bang"

Would you become baby mama #21? You know you would.

Would you become baby mama #21? You know you would.

Remember when John Stamos was the guest star on SVU? And he fathered 20 kids by 20 different women (which isn't actually a crime)? And he got killed by a special knife that made his chest blow up?'s kind of hard to forget. We're going to figure out what happened in SVU season 12 episode 22 "Bang." Our guest is Gillian Pensavalle from the True Crime Obsessed podcast.

This episode is based loosely on a clinical study into "reproductive coercion," and also the story of British bloke Keith Macdonald who had ten baby mommas.

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