It's no ordinary police procedural, baby.

It's the f'ing O.G. of police PROCEDURALs, baby.

THESE ARE THEIR STORIES is the podcast about network TV’s most enduring crime franchise and the real life cases that inspired their shows. We and a special guest look at an episode of the Mothership, SVU, or Criminal Intent...then talk about the real life "ripped from the headlines" case that inspired the show.


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Or buy your own marathon swag here.

Coming up soon on "...These are Their Stories"

  • L&O S4 E17 "Mayhem"

  • L&O S6 E16 “Savior”

  • L&O S9 E15 “Disciple”

  • SVU S3 E1 “Repression”

  • SVU S18 E17 “Real Fake News”

  • CI S1 E21 "Faith"

  • CI S5 E16 "Dramma Giocoso"

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